Anatoly V. Dunaev

Organizing Committee Member (SICN - 2018)

Moscow agricultural University
Anatoly V. Dunaev, 12.09.1939, city of Zlatoust, Ural, Russia. He graduated from the school with a silver medal, agricultural Institute with a difference. In 1962-1969 he worked in the virgin lands branch (North of Kazakhstan), and from 1970 to the present time – in the main Institute of GOSNITI. In 1997 he participated in the creation of a diagnostic center at the Mongol-Russian mining plant Erdenet, worked in it for 2007, 15 000 times diagnosed diesel 30 trucks BelAZ, Сaterpillar, Komatsu. This allowed 1.5-2.5 times to increase the life of diesel engines and engine oils, annually saving more than $ 2000 per car. Main developments: - curve toughness of the steels 18HGT for gears, - 1358 diagnostic stands for wheeled tractors; 5300 fuel flow meters; 30200 meters of gases; 26 machinotesters; technology diagnostion of tractors, cars, buses, combines; the technology of spectral, hematological and express control motor oils; standards; diagnostic parameters of machinery and motor oils; serpentine repair-recovery composition Sarnowski; the hypothesis of the formation of serpentine three-technical coatings; participation in the development of methods of electric influence on lubricants, on fusel oils in alcohol, in the development of a unique water-flow emulsion of 33% water. Veteran of labour of Russia. He was awarded the gold, three silver, bronze medal of the state exhibitions of Russia, the intersectoral sign "MINING GLORY" of the 1st degree, the sports sign of the II-th category in athletics. Participation in the development of industry Regulations on the diagnosis of machines, guidance on non-standard control of power and efficiency of diesel engines, two environmental standards, standard for bench testing of wheeled vehicles, three industry standards. Two monographs on machine diagnosis, a monograph on non-traditional tribotechnics. Doctoral dissertation «Research and development of methods and means of complex diagnostics of energy-saturated tractors and cars». Member Of The Russian Nanotechnology Society.